Friday Links: Typewriter Art, Stamps, Snowflakes

Light pink fabric in a wooden embroidery hoop. On the fabric is embroidered the number 2023 using many different stitches and colours.

Hey, happy new year! I hope you have had a gentle start to the new year. :-)

My finished 2023 embroidery. I’m really chuffed with how it turned out. You can still get the pattern if you want to stitch your own version.

And now for some Friday links, on a Sunday…

I hope you have had a nice weekend! x Carina

Godharis of Maharashtra. This book sounds fascinating.

Nice granny square tutorial.

Quiet Grandeur of Snowy Nordic Landscapes.

New stamps in Denmark feature five different crafts. Nice. :-)

‘I’ll stop saying I don’t eat meat – and tell people I don’t eat animals’.

The Snowflake Man of Vermont.

Sacred and Profane.

My pal June has been up to crochet tricks again, check out her giant crochet Christmas tree! :-)

Drawings made with a typewriter!


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