Thread Storage Tip

In the background is an embroidery hoop with pink fabric. On top of the fabric is a pair of embroidery scissors and a book binding ring with several skeins of embroidery thread attached to it.

Here is a little tip which you might find useful too. It’s not my idea, I picked it up from a YouTube video by Sarah Homfray (unfortunately I can’t remember which one.) Check out her YouTube channel, it’s full of excellent stuff for beginners and more advanced stitchers too.

Anyway, the tip is this: use a large hinged book binding ring (5 cm diameter) to organise the thread skeins for each of your projects. This is such a great idea! Especially if you store more than one WIP in one bag. That way the threads won’t get all mixed up. You could also attach the scissors to the ring so they don’t go walkabouts. That happens to me much more than I care to admit! (I guess I just did…) :-)


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