Recipe: Fastelavnsboller (Vegan)

A white plate with a subtle pattern. On the plate are four buns decorated with icing sugar.

On the Sunday and Monday before Lent (and let’s be honest, for a few weeks before that) in Denmark it is customary to eat fastelavnsboller. Fastelavn is the Danish word for carnival. (I wrote a bit about fastelavn a few years ago.)

They are sweet buns baked with a filling inside, usually including marzipan but the filling varies. Decorated with icing sugar and sometimes cut in half and filled with whipped cream. They are similar to Swedish semlor.

In Denmark you can of course buy fastelavnsboller in every bakery, café, supermarket etc. Some of them are very fancy and very expensive.

Alas, it’s not possible to buy them here in the UK, so I have to make them myself. A chore I don’t mind. :-)

If you would like to try them (although technically you’d have to wait until right before Lent next year, but I won’t tell!), you can download my recipe for fastelavnsboller here. :-)


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