100 Day Project Week One

A square of pale pink fabric is partially covered in small patches of fabric that are stitched in place using running stitch. A small pair of scissors lays on the bottom right corner of the square and several thread skeins lie to the left of it.

This past week I have been working on my 100 Day Project most days. Just adding a bit of stitching every day. I enjoyed working on this slow stitch page. No plan for the stitching, I just stitched whatever felt right at the moment. I like that kind of stitching. :-)

If you like hand stitching maybe you would like to join me? Every few days I share a new creative stitching prompt. There is no pressure to finish each prompt at a certain time, you can work on them a little bit each day. Maybe it takes more than 100 days but that is fine too. :-)

Join the 100 Day Project Prompts here. The third prompt drops today but there is plenty of time to catch up!

A light pink square of fabric is stitched in two rainbow shapes. An orange shape in the upper right corner and a magenta shape in the lower left corner.

The pages are relatively small, and fitting it into a hoop isn’t easy. But I’m using it as a ‘feature’ here! :-)

I’m trying not to have too many ideas beforehand about what my pages ‘should’ look like. Although I am planning the prompts in advance, I don’t want to impose any rules on myself. Go with the flow, see what happens. I’m trying to approach it as though someone else were giving the prompts and I have to respond to them. It’s an interesting exercise! :-)


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