Flowers – A Textile Book

Overhead view of the front cover of a textile book. A large pink flower is appliquéd on a background of dark blue fabrics.

Yes, I made another textile book. These books are the perfect ‘container’ for all those random stitcheries that I seem to be fond of making. :-)

The stitcheries in this particular book has been over several years. Some disappeared in the drawers and boxes of my studio and then turned up when I was tidying earlier this year.

Like in the case of the flower on the cover. I kinda forgot about it. But then when I found it again I did remember working on it. Not sure when, though. A couple of years ago, maybe? And I’m not sure it is finished how I intended it. But then it got a new purpose as the cover girl here. :-)

Overhead view of a page in a textile book. The page is mainly hot pink with a few patches of varying sizes, in lime green and red. Just left of the middle is an appliqué of a stem with four white flowers.

This page is a good example of a lot of the pages in this book: they had to be cobbled together with added sections here and there to make them all the same size. But that was actually a fun challenge. How do you make it look like it was meant to look like this from the start? Or, how do you make several smaller stitcheries go together although they were made months/years apart and have nothing to do with each other..?

I like that kind of challenge! :-)

I have a made a video where I flip through the book and talk about the pages. You can watch it over on YouTube.

Overhead view of a spread in a textile book. Partial view of the left hand page shows a poppy on a pink background. The almost full view of the right hand page shows echinacea inspired flowers in yellow and pink with turquoise stems and leave, on a mustard yellow background.

Some of the stitcheries in the book are made on the sewing machine while I had to limit my hand stitching this spring/summer. At first it felt a bit like cheating but of course it’s just a different way of making it and I enjoy this process too. :-)

Overhead view of a page in a textile book. The background is pale pinks and lilac. In the centre is an appliqué and hand embroidery blue tit.

Everything in the book is a flower, except for this wee bird. So cute.


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