Happy Winter Solstice

Close overhead view of white fabric part of white is stretched in a wooden hoop. In the hoop is a half finished mandala inspired motif worked in green and blue colours. Partially obscured by folds in the fabric are similar designs stitched in multiple colours.

The Wheel of The Year keeps turning and now we are back at the Winter Solstice. The motif in my 2023 Wheel embroidery is almost finished. It will be so lovely to see the whole thing completed. I can already imagine it but you never get the full effect until it is completely done and the tracing pen is rinsed off.

I have enjoyed working on this a lot this past year. Picking stitch and colour combinations. It is basically a stitch sampler. I haven’t counted them but there are quite a lot of different stitches in this. Which wasn’t really my original plan. But you know I love a stitch sampler so once that was sort of happening, I did not resist it! :-)

If you want to stitch this pattern in 2024 (or anytime), it is still available, you can find it here: 2023 Wheel of The Year.

Happy Winter Solstice/Yule! And merry Christmas if you are celebrating. :-)

x Carina


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