Not so much crafty, but tasty!

Dang. With this new job I don’t feel like I have a lot of energy to just sit down and do some crafty creating. Cause (I think) I work a lot; this week I’m at work 43 hours, which includes breaks, but I’m not at home, so it is work, right?

But I do try to do some crafting in my lunch hour. And I’m pretty sure they ain’t seen people knitting or embroidering in the canteen before!

But I don’t care what people think about it (if they think anything about it at all), I feel like I have to do that little bit during the long busy days to not lose myself completely to “the man”.

In the same spirit I try to always wear something I made, a bracelet or something, to show (to myself if no one else notices or cares) that I’m me, I just happen to work in that particular place.

Anyway, I have been making stuff when I haven’t been at work: I’ve made two lots (pebernødder and vanillekranse) of Christmas cookies so far and hopefully I’ll get a third lot (brunkager) done in the next couple of days.

It’s kinda silly to spend all this time making cookies, when I could be doing other stuff, but I just want to make them, because they are Danish Christmas cookies, and I don’t want to forget my roots, even if it does mean being in the kitchen when I’d really rather be sitting on the sofa watching telly!

But it is worth, I think. Making things by hand, the way my mum and my grandmothers do and did, and not always taking the easy route of buying things that aren’t even half as good.

Right. Well done for making it to the end of this post. I’m not sure what it was supposed to be about, or what it turned out to be. But that’s the way things are sometimes.

Oh and the cookies are tasty. Atleast T thinks so. But he is the Cookie Monster so he would, eh? ;-)


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