Pincushion challenge – Summertime

I won’t blame you for thinking I might have fallen off the face of the Earth (isn’t that a peculiar expression?), but I promise I haven’t. I’ve just not done much crafting. Or not finished anything…

Apart from tonight! So the Pincushion challenge gives you two months to make a pincushion, and since I had a few elaborate ideas about what Summertime means for me, I didn’t get round to making the pincushion ’till yesterday afternoon!! But I made it, and this is it. It’s not any of those elaborate ideas. Because I suddenly remembered that this is what I always think of when I think of summer.

It is what I think of when I think of summer in Denmark; blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds, yellow rape seed fields and green bushes and trees. And some poppies to add a bit of red – the red was supposed to come from Dannebrog (the Danish flag), but it didn’t quite go with the rest of the elements.

I’ve not done much embroidery lately (I’m blaming that on my crochet infatuation!), so it was quite nice to just do some stitching again. So relaxing. I even did some during my lunch hour at work today. I think they are getting used to me working on my projects at work.

Among others I’ve used the French knot and the buttonhole wheel (the poppy heads); I’d never thought of just doing a half or a quarter of a buttonhole wheel, I really like how it looks! 


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