Thrifted tablecloth bag

Or the “oh my god I can’t f****** believe I made this and I was there” bag. But I did make it, and I’m so bloody proud of myself. It took several sketches to sort out in my head how to put this baby together. And then, hours and hours of cutting and ironing on stabiliser and pinning and sewing.

But now it’s done and I’m soooo happy! It is a tablecloth I bought in a charity shop in Denmark ages ago. All this time it has been sitting in a drawer with no specific purpose in mind. But then a little while ago I suddenly thought “hey, that tablecloth is pretty thick fabric, I’ll make it into a carry-on bag”. It is bound to be lighter than the trolley cases we normally use as carry-on, which means I can stuff more in it. Which is very good, especially if you’re travelling only with carry-on. But more about that in a wee while.

And this is what I needed that long zipper for that I mentioned a little while ago. I found a solution and it seems to be working perfectly. So far anyway. I need to test the bag with proper weight in it. A blanket and a cushion don’t weigh 10 kilos!

My main worry is that the lining and the outside are only attached to each other at the zipper. I would like to sew the two layers together, but it’s probably going to be a nightmare putting that through the sewing machine. A hand job, methinks. Unless you can tell me a nifty way of doing it that doesn’t involve dismantling the bag. ‘Coz that ain’t gonna happen.

The lining fabric is from IKEA. Last year, perhaps? Or the year before. Actually, I think it was. Nice happy colours and they go well with the tablecloth. Oh and in this picture you can see the cushion inside the bag. How lovely. :-)

I would like to say that there’s a tutorial coming for this. But I can’t, because there isn’t. Too much thinking about how to make it in the process, so no brain power left to think about taking pictures. However, it is not impossible that I’ll make a smaller version of this at some point, and then a tutorial might pop up. We shall see. Right now I’m quite happy to just pat myself on the back over a job well done.


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