Leaf mania!

My obsession with leaf shapes clearly continues. And now it has spread to my clothes! I cut some stamps and then I went crazy on a plain tee. Ok, maybe not so crazy, but you know. I really like how it turned out, so I think I might do something similar on a couple more plain tees.

I also made a new Dalek tee for Tony. I guess that’s a fitting way to, er, celebrate the finale of the latest series of Doctor Who.

And now you must pardon me, it’s almost time for bed, because we’re getting up REALLY early tomorrow. ;-)

Edit: Since a couple of you are asking what ink I use, I thought I better answer it here. I use the VersaCraft ink pads for fabric. Although some of the pads actually say Fabrico on them but look exactly like the other ones; could be a new name for the same thing. These are small square ink pads, not sure if they come in a larger size as well. Stamp on your fabric, let it dry, then set it with an iron. It works really well, I’ve made a few t-shirts this way and the ink seems to last pretty good. Hope this helps! :-)

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