The cutting edge of crochet

The other day I mentioned my too big crochet blanket work in progress. It was too far along to frog it and start over (mostly because I’m really lazy like that), so what now? Well, June (someone else did too, I think) suggested that I simply cut off one end of it. With scissors. Cut into crochet! I’d never heard of such a mad notion before. But thinking about it: it made total sense!

Because it won’t start unravelling like crazy just because you cut it. No, it won’t do that until you actually pull at the yarn. So it is a controlled procedure. You need to cut the work a bit longer than the length you want to end up with so you have a proper length of yarn to weave in.

It is a somewhat tedious procedure, though. On a blanket like this, where you work backwards and forwards, half the rows will simply unravel when you pull at the yarn. The other half of the rows you have to unweave the stitches from the cut to the desired length of your crocheted fabric. That’s the tedious part, as you can probably imagine!

Once you get the work unravelled to the desired length (or I guess that should be shortness!) simply bind it off and weave in the end. And that’s about it. :-)


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