Christmas Stitches – online embroidery class with me

Wow, hi guys, I’m kinda nervous about sharing this with you but also really excited: Christmas Stitches. It’s an embroidery class with me and in it you can learn some of my favourite embroidery stitches AND I’ll show you how to use them in some fun and fresh Christmassy projects, designed especially for this class.

The class starts on Monday, October 25 and runs for 4 weeks. If you sign up for the class before Friday October 22, you save $5.00! The full price of the class is $35. The class includes 11 brand new embroidery patterns. To say nothing of the instructions and tutorials for the projects.

Use the code CHRISTMASBLOG to save $5.00 when signing up. Make sure it is capitalized.

Edit: Please note, there is a problem with the communication between Artfire and Paypal, so although the code is applied properly, Paypal charges you the full amount. I am aware of this, so rest assured that I will refund the $5.00 if you are charged the full amount when signing up before Friday. Thank you for your understanding and big thank you to those of you who have already signed up for the class!

The class is online. Once you have signed up, I will send you the link to the class site, along with some other information. Would be pretty cool if the class was in person.. then I could ask Tony to bake cake for us to munch while stitching!

Follow the links above to read about the details of the class. And feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

One stitch I can’t wait to share, is the shisha stitch; you know the one where you stitch over a small mirror. It’s BLING for embroidery!

The projects include ornaments for your tree, or other places where you might fancy hanging a bit of stitched goodness, a pillow cover and mittens! I love making my own mittens, and if I can stitch on them too, all the better!

The class is great for beginners, I’ll show you the basics of getting started with embroidery. But it is also nice if you need to refresh your love of embroidery.

I hope to see you in class – I promise I won’t be too strict! ;-)

xo, Carina


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