Spooky cute pattern

I don’t think I could do proper scary wet-your-pants spooky even if my life depended on it.. So this Halloween pattern is more cute than spooky. I’m sure you’ll agree?! ;-)

Spooky Cute Halloween is available right now, so you should have time to stitch it before Halloween. On Artfire and Etsy.

And it’s a bit of  a different path for me; my patterns don’t usually include a lot of filling in of areas. Kinda funny, considering I really love the feel of heavily embroidered cloth. So maybe this is the start of a new direction for me.. Who knows..

So if you fancy doing some satin stitchin’ and rows of fly stitch and a bit of chain stitch, well here’s a good place to start.

And you can leave out the spidey fella if you don’t care for creepy-crawlies…


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