New Snowflake patterns

Snowflake pattern set

Hey guys!

Even if you didn’t sign up for my Christmas Stitches class, you can still stitch up a snow storm with these snowflake patterns! They are the only patterns from the class you’ll get access to if you’re not taking the class!

You can buy all three as a set for $11.00 or separately at $4.50. You can find the patterns right here: Snowflake set, Green Snowflake, Pink Snowflake and Blue Snowflake.

Green snowflake pattern
I think this one is my favourite, it would be, it is green after all!

Pink snowflake pattern

I was thinking today that it is a bit sad that I can’t share other stuff from the class, because they are pretty cute! And maybe I won’t have any more cute ideas! (It wouldn’t be fair to share patterns which others are paying to get access to, right?)

But of course that is rubbish. There is always another idea just around the corner. Inspiration and creativity are inexhaustible wells for us to draw from. There is no ‘last idea’. Imagine it, one day you turn up to start a new project and there’s a sign saying “Sorry luv, you’ve used up your quota of ideas. Move along, make room for the next person.”

So there will be other ideas and projects I can share with you. My next ideas. Because the projects in Christmas Stitches are not my last ideas, they are only my latest ideas. Very big difference: More’s to come! I have no doubt about it. :-)

Blue snowflake pattern

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