Our big 2013 goal

Happy 2013! Did you have a nice start to the year? Mine has been so-so. I’ve been ill, boo! So not the energy-filled start to the new year that I was hoping for..

Have you made any resolutions? I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that anymore – they never work for me. Or I guess I never work on them, heh! Do resolutions work for you?

However, we’ve made a decision to move home this year. Finally. We’ve lived in our 1-bed flat for 7½ years and it’s time to move on. It’s overdue, in fact. This flat was supposed to be pretty temporary, 1-2 years, 3 at most until we could afford a house. But then the world economy went belly up. Our mortgage rate was pretty high, the value of the flat went into negative equity so our plans of moving were put firmly on hold. Le sigh.

But now we’re off the high rate, the flat should be back in positive value, so now we’re gonna Make It Happen. And it’s a goal, not a dream. Dreams tend to stay dreams, but goals are more solid – something you’re actively working towards.

Step one is to cut all frivolous purchases for atleast 2-4 months. No treating ourselves to magazines or going out to dinner for no good reason. Clothes shopping can be put off too etc and so on. I don’t mind it, really. It’s for the greater good.

Imagine it: a proper house, with more than one bedroom! Maybe a small garden. We have pretty modest and realistic visions of our new home. 2-3 bedrooms. Nothing fancy like walk in closets or en-suites. Probably a house that will need quite a bit of TLC.

And even with just one extra bedroom I could have a proper crafting space. So my work won’t cover every available space as it (kinda) does right now. What a luxury that will be. :-)

In the next couple of weeks we’ll get an estate agent or two to come out and have look, give us an estimate on what the flat is worth. Luckily, the rooms are pretty big for a 1-bed, it’s close to the town centre and train station, so that should work in our favour. Fingers crossed.

Here’s to making goals come true! :-)


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