Embroidery tip: thread multiple needles

I recently finished a commission where I mainly used one colour, black to be specific. And there was lots of black satin stitching going on in this particular piece. Satin stitch eats a LOT of floss! So I kept having to stop to thread the needle.

That got old real fast! So I reminded myself of a sewing tip: if you need to use the same colour for a big project, wind several bobbins with sewing thread before you start. That way you just have to pop in a fresh bobbin, you don’t have to wind it in the middle of your sewing.

Same goes for embroidery, if you’re using a lot of the same colour; thread a few needles with that colour at a time. Then when you finish one, you just need to grab the next one from your pincushion – or arm of your sofa. You know, whatever works for you. ;-)

This also works for projects that aren’t just one colour. If you know what colours you will be using in a given stitching session, you can thread those before you start. :-)


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