Inward corners tutorial – Corners & Curves series

The previous post in this mini series was about outward corners. In this post we’ll look at inward corners. You will often come across this type of corner when making some types of softies which have legs or arms that are at an angle to the body. But it’s not solely in the making of softies that you will come across them.

The example on the left shows the uncut corner, in the middle and right examples some of the material in the corner has been removed.

Here are the examples again, right sides turned out. What a difference, eh?! Look at that one on the left, there is no way that corner will ever look nice and smooth. The middle example isn’t too bad, but you can still see that the corner is being pulled slightly. And that would have been even worse if this was a thick fabric. The example on the right, nicely flat and smooth. I barely even had to iron it. :-)

I think the one on the left is a pretty good example of why you need to cut/clip the corners. No matter the project. And it only takes a few seconds. Don’t skip corners in your sewing! ;-)


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