New Christmas pattern in the shop

The last couple of weeks, in between painting the bedroom(!), I have been stitching this new embroidery pattern. I’ve had the sketch for it in my sketchbook for months and I’m so excited about finally seeing it in floss and stitches. It’s funny how sometimes a pattern looks really different when it’s stitched.

The pattern is called Gingerbread Christmas Joy

This time I kinda struggled with finding the right colours for it. The colours I normally use just didn’t work with this Christmas pattern. I think I found some colours that work in the end. I’m even using a brownish colour – and I never use brown. But I quite like this one. :-)

I’ve included a slightly different version with the pattern – where someone has been nibbling on the gingerbread men. ;-)

Gingerbread Christmas Joy is in the shop now.


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