Summer holiday : : Copenhagen part 1

Town Hall - Copenhagen
Town Hall – Copenhagen

I promised I’d share some photos from Copenhagen, and here is a small batch. I actually didn’t take loads of pictures in Copenhagen, because it was so so hot and I was more focused on staying in the shade so I wouldn’t melt completely! ;-)

Tony and I wandered down Strøget to Kongens Nytorv where we met my friend Sara. She lives in Copenhagen now so it is very rare that we see each other – Copenhagen is several hours’ drive from where my parents live.

If you want to see exactly where these places are, click on this here link. :-)

Nyhavn - Copenhagen

Then we walked to Nyhavn, a picturesque street by a canal. I’ve been to Copenhagen many times before but somehow I’ve never seen this particular part of it. It is very pretty. Lots of crooked colourful old houses.

We found a place in the shade and just chatted for a while. Catching up and talking about…stuff. So nice.

Nyhavn - Copenhagen

By chance I took two pictures that fitted together almost seamlessly to make this panorama shot of Nyhavn. The houses on the other side of the canal are a lot less colourful.

Nyhavn - Copenhagen

I really like this neon sign on the old building. Such a cool contrast. :-D

Nyhavn - Copenhagen
Lots of ships in the canal, among them this lightvessel.

Marmorkirken - Copenhagen

Despite the heat we decided we would go for a little walk to see a few sights. First we went past Marmorkirken. We didn’t stop to go in, but maybe we should have. Churches are usually cool in the heat!

Amalienborg - Copenhagen

Then we popped down to Amalienborg to see if we could spot any of the royal peeps. Nope. But we did see some of the guards. I like how the square between the palaces is just part of the city. Anyone can walk in. Or cycle through it. I think you can drive through it as well if you like.

Tivoli - Copenhagen

After we said goodbye to Sara, Tony and I wandered back along Strøget to Tivoli where we met my parents for dinner.

Next post: photos from inside Tivoli. :-)

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