Experiment :: Appliqué roses

Recently, Tony bought me a bouquet of roses. Just before they started to wither, I drew a quick sketch of them. Almost blind contour like. Very loose. And then I coloured it with Tombow Brush Pens. That’s one of my favourite drawing things at the moment. Especially after I realised that you can lift the colour and spread it using a water brush. Instant water colour!

I had this idea that it would be fun to do a stitched version of it. But I didn’t want to just embroider the drawing. But then I was tidying some fabric scraps and came across a few that were just about the same colours that I had used in the drawing. Light bulb moment!

I drew each flower and leaf on fabric, not being too careful that it was exactly like the drawing. I wanted it to feel quite loose. Cut around the drawings and basted everything to fabric. I’m back stitching it with one strand of floss and then whipping the stitches with (mostly) the same colour.

I want the stitches to look a little bit messy, like it had actually been drawn with ink that had gone a bit blobby.

I haven’t decided yet, but I may add some other flowers that I have cut from different fabrics. To make an over the top floral extravaganza! Or I might just keep it simple. I can’t decide. :-D


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