Embroidery on Essex linen

What kind of fabric do you embroider on? I mainly stitch on white (and sometimes coloured) cotton fabric I buy in Denmark. Occasionally I’ll stitch on Kona cotton too. But the fabric from Denmark is a lot cheaper so I use that the most. :-)

Anyway – a little while ago, Nicole from Cloud Craft asked me if I’d try some Essex linen from her shop and tell her my opinion of using it for embroidery. She very kindly sent me a fat sixteen and a fat quarter to try. With no obligation to mention it anywhere, but I’m happy to do so.

I didn’t have a plan for my little stitchery, I just started stitching and added things as I went along.

I really like stitching on this linen. I love that it has a bit of texture, but without being overly so. There are little impurities in the fabric and I quite like that. I think it adds an extra dimension to the work.

The fabric is soft and easy to stitch. It’s not made for counted work, but with good light conditions I think you could use it for cross stitch or blackwork.

I’m in love with that oatmeal-y natural colour, I may have to get myself some more of it. I like the way it sets off the colours in a slightly different way than white fabric does. That dark blue is also pretty great.

Pop over to Cloud Craft to find a selection of colours of Essex linen. Nicole even put together sets of fat sixteens in different colours.

Have you tried this kind of fabric? What do you think?


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