DMC Variegated Floss

I’ve been doing embroidery for a bunch of years by now – almost ten years! – and there are still things that surprise me.

Like the embroidery thread in the picture. I had never realised that there were variegated floss with low numbers. I’d only ever noticed the ones with higher numbers, like 4180 or 4050 for example.

These ones are completely new to me! I think the difference between these and the other kind is the number of colours used in a ‘colour’.

The low number ones have tones of one colour, light blue to medium blue for example. The high number ones seem to have more than one colour, peach with yellow for example.

I feel so silly for not realizing this before! I’ve never been that keen on variegated colours because I didn’t really like the multi-colour ones. Maybe now I’ll start using variegated floss with these low numbers. :-D

Am I the only know who didn’t know about this?! Please tell me I’m not! ;-)


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