Stitch Improv :: Another Flower

Another experiment in ‘what happens when you put random things together’.

Here I sewed several buts of fabric together to make a background that has different things going on but still sort of blends together. Although I think it may have been a mistake to use the Rosali fabric at the top. It seems too different and stands out compared to the others.

But I’ll make it work. That’s pretty much my only ‘rule’ for these stitch improv pieces. Once I’ve added something, it stays and I have to make it work. Even if that means covering it up. ;-)

I’m adding a bit of 3D effect in the flower. I was only going to do one for each petal but now I’m thinking maybe it would be cool with two rows. Maybe. We’ll see.

I made that tiny hexagon flower ages ago but had a use for it. Obviously, I don’t throw things like that away because they might come handy at some other point. And hey, there it was in the bag with all the other random hexagons. :-)

The leaf on the right was a bit camouflaged by the blue dots in the background so I started adding the green running stitch to make it stand out more. Although in hindsight it would probably have been better to use a colour that has more contrast, like a pink or orange.

But I’ll think of something to make it work. :-)


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