Exploring ceramics at the V&A

On Sunday I was supposed to go to the monthly meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild, but my train into London was delayed by quite a lot. So instead of arriving super late and missing pretty much the whole meeting, I went straight to the V&A*.

I decided I’d go see something I’ve not seen before so I headed up to the 6th floor to check out the ceramics. Oh boy! That was a good decision. So many treasures. Such beauty. I could happily have stayed there for hours looking at it all, sketching things.

If you’ve not seen the ceramics at the V&A yet, do go see them. You won’t regret it!

Here is just a few things that caught my eye – I posted a bunch more on Instagram (carinacraftblog) on Sunday.

*Victoria & Albert Museum.

These two are so different, but both so very beautiful in their own ways. I love the bright green and pink of the tulip and I love the minimalist boldness of the birds.

Tea post, so so very many tea post!

This was a surprise! Emperor Caligula! Along with a couple of other Roman emperors in the same style.


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