New Pattern :: Mason Jar Bouquet

The new pattern is here and it has a name! Meet Mason Jar Bouquet. In the end, I didn’t use any of the name suggestions I had on Instagram. But the name was inspired by the suggestions, so thank you to everyone who threw ideas at me! :-)

The drawing is inspired by summer evening walks where you’re absentmindedly picking flowers among the hedgerows or in your own garden. Then you come home and the perfect vase isn’t even a vase, but an old jam jar or a mason jar. Or even a Nutella jar!

To be honest… I didn’t even plan on this as a pattern, I just felt like stitching the drawing. Which is why it’s stitched on this dusty rose coloured fabric instead of white like I normally do for my patterns. Uniformity and all that. But I quite like that it’s not white, so I may just some more of that in the future. Break my own rules! :-D

Mason Jar Bouquet is available in my Payhip shop.


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