WIP :: Embroidered Butterfly T-shirt

Butterfly tshirt
I am working on an embroidered tshirt for my nephew. I’m using one of the patterns from Romantic Motifs. In the book there’s a dress for a little girl where I used the same butterfly motif. Since my niece and nephew are twins I thought it’d be fun to use the same motif. Hopefully he’ll like it! Although, he’s only two so maybe he doesn’t have that many opinions about his tshirts? :-)

Butterfly tshirt
This is actually the first time I’m testing one of the iron ons from the book. It went on very well. Only pressed the iron down for a few seconds and the result is very good. Not too dark, but dark enough that it is clearly visible.

Butterfly tshirt
I didn’t have any tshirt stabiliser, and stretchy fabric like this is not easy to stitch on without it. So I thought I’d see how some Sticky Fabri-Solvy would work. And it works like a charm! Recommend it for that use.

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