Almost Finished Project :: Tamara Quilt

Tamara quilt
I started this quilt top at the start of 2015 and finished it well over a year ago and then nothing happened. It’s difficult to pin a quilt sandwich together when you have no space to do so.

I tried using my inlaws’ washing line, but that didn’t work. At all. So I decided I’d try clamping the quilt to a table. I got hold of some clamps but I didn’t want to use our nice dining table so I had to wait until I got my studio back and had room to work around my desk.

Which I finally did a few weeks ago! It was a bit fiddly and the clamps I bought are really tight, I have to use both hands to ‘operate’ them. The result isn’t perfect, but it did work. I just need a bit more practice using this technique.

My supervisor
Atleast the quilt is quilted (Blake made sure I sat down by the sewing machine and got it done!) and I’ve been slowly sewing on the binding.

Tamara quilt
I love sewing the binding by hand, it’s so calming. One of my favourite things about making a quilt. And I get up close with little guys like this. Kawaii panda! ?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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