Friday Links :: Succulents, Meringue, Tin Can Art

This (English, I think) lavender in our front garden is so lovely. It makes me happy to walk past it, or see it from the window, because I planted that and it’s thriving. I know lavender are pretty hardy but I like to think I had atleast a little to do with it. ;-)

This Pioneer Plaque Pin is So Very Cool. Want!

My friend June released new crochet succulent patterns recently, taking her total succulent collection to an impressive 24 different plants! Check them out if you’re like me and can’t keep real plants alive for very long. Most of the time, anyway. Because the lavender is thriving, remember?! ;-)

Tin Cans Transformed into Famous Art Historical Self-Portraits. Wow!

What You Need to Know about GDPR, the EU’s New Data Privacy Regulation. This is important stuff if you have a business or newsletter or any other entity that means you collect the personal data of EU citizens.

Century-Old Film Footage Edited to Present a More Dynamic View of New York City Life in the Early 1900s. This is fascinating! Especially since Tony and I are off to visit New York later this year.

Domestic Objects Wrapped in Needlepoint Scenes. Find more work by Ulla-Stina Wikander.

Jordan Nassar’s embroidery is taking on identity, geography, and hummus. {via}

Surprising Result of Crushing Non-Newtonian Fluids and Crayons in a Hydraulic Press. There’s a YouTube video in this post, I couldn’t stop watching it!

This vegan almond meringue cookie recipe sounds pretty delicious.


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