Gingerbread Christmas Embroidery Patterns

New pattern: Gingerbread Christmas Joy
I was reminded of my gingerbread patterns the other day and I thought I’d mention them again, they’re so fun and colourful, they deserve to be seen. :-)

This is the first one, called Gingerbread Christmas Joy. I think I made it in 2013, time flies! The pattern has an alternative version where the gingerbread men have been nibbled on. :-D

Lollipop Gingerbread House detail
The second pattern is from 2014, it’s called Lollipop Gingerbread House. It was really fun to draw. Adding all the lollipops and the other bits of candy decorations. :-)

You can buy your own copy here: 

New pattern: Gingerbread Christmas JoyLollipop Gingerbread House

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