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Wheel of Colour embroidery pattern

This is my latest pattern, Wheel of Colour. It is a much larger version of an embroidery I made many years ago. Last year I thought I’d make this new version and now the pattern is finally finished, the files sat languishing on my computer for ages. Dunno why, really. Laziness, I guess? ;-)

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Also available in my Etsy shop.

Wheel of Colour embroidery pattern

My stitched version is pretty big, approximately 8 1/2″ (22cm) in diameter, that’s a lot of stitching! But that’s on purpose, because I wanted a project where I could just take my time and enjoy the process of adding more and more stitches. It is a very relaxing project to stitch. There are no lines to follow precisely, and there is no ‘rule’ for when the stitching is done. You can make it as open or dense as you like. It is fairly densely stitched, but I know I could still add more if I wanted to. And maybe I will at some point!

Mindfulness is such a buzz word, but there is something to just letting yourself getting lost in the stitches and the colours. Just forgetting the rest of the world for a little bit while you focus on where to put the next stitch.

Anyway, since maybe not everyone wants a big project like this, I have included two smaller sizes in the pattern. As well as versions that use less colours than the 16 I used in my stitched version, 6 and 12 colours respectively. Those versions are ‘proper’ colour wheels. :-)

Wheel of Colour embroidery pattern

Of course, you can change the colours if you want. It would be cool to see monochrome/ombre versions of the pattern. :-)

Grab your copy of Wheel of Colour here: Etsy or Payhip.

Wheel of Colour embroidery pattern

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