Slow stitching

Hello friends!
The deadline for my next book is coming up fast. Like, less than a month left fast! I would have liked to be a bit further along in the process, but the whole ‘having the chimney and fireplace removed’ project took some time away from the book. I’ll still finish on time, barring any unforeseen events (knock on wood!), the last few weeks will just be a bit more hectic than I would have liked. :-)

When I’m working on book embroideries, it’s like there’s a fug in my brain and I find it difficult to work on other projects (not that I have much time for that anyway…)

But since the book embroideries are almost done, I feel that fug starting to part and I’m in the mood to stitch something else! So in the evening I’ve been stitching away on some random things like these. There was no goal or plan with them to start with, but now I actually have an idea for what I’m going to use them for. I’ll share it once it’s starting to take shape.

For now I’m just joining a bit of slow, random stitching. :-)


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