New Pattern: Dachshund

I am very happy to (finally!) be able to share this new pattern. I started the embroidery in February, inspired by a dachshund cushion cover I made as a gift. I love dogs so it seemed silly not to also stitch the sausage dogs! :-)

Although, my family keeps telling me I should have done a Jack Russell pattern first because that’s what our Blake is!

You can buy the pattern in my Etsy shop: Dachshund pattern.

The pattern includes the version I have stitched, but I also made an alternate version with paw prints surrounding the dogs. Not everyone is just as crazy about flowers as I am and paw prints are pretty cute too! You could make both versions if you are really mad about dogs/embroidery! :-D

I also separated the paw prints and the dogs out from the rest of the pattern(s) so you can use those on their own. Plus there’s a larger version of both the original and the alternate versions.

Buy the Dachshund pattern here.


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