Snowflake Patterns

A few years ago, I made a set of snowflake embroidery patterns every year. They are not all the same ‘style’. Some are sort of geometric and others are more organic, like mandalas.

I love seeing them all together like in this picture. And it’s interesting to see how different they are. To see how I must have been inspired by different things every year.

But still they go together I think. Maybe it’s the happy ‘Carina’ colours? :-)

You can buy the snowflake patterns here if you fancy stitching a bunch of snowflakes for the wintery season.

Snowflakes stitched by customer ♥

And if you need inspiration for a version in more traditional winter colours, how gorgeous are all these snowflakes a customer shared with me last year?!

The snowflakes are very relaxing to stitch. Because they have repeating elements they are great for getting into a nice stitchy rhythm. Maybe with a cup of cocoa and a couple of biscuits to add some extra hygge while you stitch. :-)

And in my case, with Blake curled up next to me or on my legs!


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