2020 Albums of The Month

Between Christmas and New Year last year, I listened to the Prince: The Story of 1999 podcast. And it occurred to me that I’d never actually listened to the whole album, I’d only heard the hits: 1999, Little Red Corvette. I’ve never been a big Prince fan but I own a few of his albums and I really thought I knew the 1999 album but I didn’t!

So on a whim I decided to make it my ‘album of the month’ for January. I’ve never designated such a thing before but I thought it would be fun. And what is life without whimsy, right? :-D

I listened to the album when I did the dishes or walking Blake or doing some stitching or whatever. And I always listened to it in order, no shuffle or skipping! It was interesting that the songs that I caught myself humming or singing (when I wasn’t listening to the album) wasn’t the songs I knew already.

I really enjoyed having a go-to album in January so I decided that I’m going to pick one for every month this year. I haven’t decided which yet, but I do want to listen to some ‘classics’ from the 1970s, -80s and -90s. So if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them, so please do leave a comment! Mainly rock and pop from those decades, to narrow it down a little bit, but those are still BIG overall categories! :-D

My album for February is Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Water. Again it’s an album I thought I knew, but really I only knew a couple of songs. I picked this album on a whim as well because someone posted about it on Twitter or Instagram. As with the Prince album it is the songs I didn’t know that I find myself humming. It is fascinating to…immerse myself in an album like this. I really recommend it!

If anyone’s interested in the albums/songs, I’ll be adding the albums to my Albums of 2020 Spotify playlist each month.


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