Denyse Scraps Quilt

One of my favourite fabric designers is Denyse Schmidt. I may have mentioned it once or twice? :-)

From various projects I have a lot of scraps of different sizes and I decided it was time to put them to use. So I started sewing them together, just randomly picking colours and prints of roughly the same size. No plan, just sew.

I started by just sewing strips together but that got a little boring. And I had several scraps that were triangular in shape so I made half square triangles from those. And then I decided to mix it up a bit more, so I made a bunch of wonky log cabins as well.

I try not to cut the scraps to any specific size, I don’t want to waste any of the fabric. So any scrap that is 3/4 inch and larger will get used. Which means that I have to give up quite a lot of ‘control’ over this project. Because if I need that log cabin block to fit together with this half square triangle, I may have to use a print I wouldn’t pick but which happens to be the perfect size. It’s actually kind of addictive to just go with the flow like that! :-)

In 2018 I made a quilt top from Denyse Schmidt fabrics (for some reason I haven’t posted about it…) and I have a bunch of unused bits that would have been used to make drunkard’s path blocks for that quilt. I decided I’d use those to make some drunkard’s path blocks for this scrap quilt. But because there was an uneven number of cut pieces of the different sizes needed, I am going a little bit against my ‘rule’ that I have to use the scraps as they are and cutting them so I can make drunkard’s patch blocks with enough variety.

Of course, cutting the larger pieces to make these blocks, creates more scraps so it really is a project that feeds itself! :-D

I’m not sure how large this quilt will be (because it had to be a quilt!) I am almost at the end of my scraps. At which point I may just put it in the cabinet for a while and add to it whenever I have more scraps. We’ll see… :-)

Blake is helping, of course. :-)


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  1. Marie
    February 27, 2020 / 3:32 pm

    Blake is the best helper.

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