EU27 Embroidery Pattern

This is my finished EU27 embroidery! It was kind of a weird project for me…I mean, no flowers or anything! But it felt…important to do it. And I’m glad I did. I know a lot more about quite a few of the EU countries now than I did a month ago. :-)

This was a personal project but since I had all the countries drawn already, I thought I’d turn it into a pattern, for anyone who wants to…I dunno… reconnect with the EU. Or maybe you live in one of the EU countries and want to stitch that! Apologies in advance that these are simplified maps/patterns, but I just couldn’t have every detail included in a map that fits into a 5 cm circle! ;-)

For now, the only way to get your hands on the pattern (all 20 pages of it!!) is by buying me a hot chocolate on my Ko-Fi page. It’s similar to Patreon but…different. But the underlying idea is the same, you support the artists and makers you like with a small (or large, hey go nuts and buy me a whole pot of hot choc!) amount. If you buy me a hot choc, not only do you get access to the EU pattern but also other patterns, like a mandala pattern that’s not available anywhere else.

More about Ko-Fi some other time! In the EU pattern I have included the 5 cm (2″) size I stitched, and also a 10 cm (4″) version. There are pictures of each stitched country plus the pattern for my stitched version. And a list of the DMC colours I used are included of course.

The colours I used are based on the colours of the flags of the EU countries. Although the majority of the countries have white in their flags, I decided not to use that colour because it wouldn’t show up very well on my fabric.

Since the EU only has 27 countries but there are 29 days in February this year, I needed something to ‘fill’ the remaining two days. I stitched the motto of the EU, In varietate concordia (United in diversity) and then I wanted to stitch a circle with the 12 stars of the EU flag. But that would have meant a weird layout, so I decided to stitch two of the star circles to balance things out.

Buy me a hot choc, get the EU pattern here. :-)


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