Happy 14th!

Happy Sunday! And happy birthday to this wee blog! Although it was yesterday, but I didn’t have time to sit down and do this post… 14 years! That is practically ancient in internet years! :-D

To celebrate, there’s 28% off everything in my Payhip and Etsy shops. Just use the code HAPPY14 in both places. Only valid until Tuesday, May 19th.

I have been going through my Flickr photos. Well, I am in the process of going through them. For years I have been using Flickr to host the photos I’ve blogged on the blog, but I want to switch to hosting them on this domain.

The pictures in this post are from 2006 and 2007, when this blog was just a wee bairn and I was very new crafter! There was more crochet in the first 2-3 years than embroidery. I still love crochet but embroidery definitely is my favourite. It’s funny to look back at the things I made back then. Some are similar to what I make now, some are definitely not.

By downgrading my Flickr account I can also save a few quid that I don’t really need to spend. But it does mean that I have to replace the photos in pretty much every single blog post! And there is (currently) 2404 (!!) published posts on the blog. That…is a lot of posts! Not to mention the just-shy-of-800 posts that are in the draft folder. :-D

So I am also going through all the blog posts to see which ones are relevant, some of them definitely aren’t. Some of them are more or less what a Twitter or an Instagram post would be today, so I can probably remove them without anyone missing them, and it saves me having to change the photos in those posts. If anyone even goes back and reads blog posts from 14 years ago? ;-)

Speaking of reading old posts, here is my 13th birthday post. I feel pretty much the same as did a year ago. One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately, but I don’t think I mentioned it last year, is whether or not to have advertising on the blog. I did have a few, years ago, and I do occasionally get emails asking if I would put an ad on the blog.

I guess it would be nice, in some way to get paid for my blogging time. But I also quite like that no one is telling me what to write and I don’t have to think about anyone else’s opinion about my posts, especially if I write about things political.

On the other hand, hosting a blog is not free and funds are a bit tight, especially now that Covid-19 has taken away a chunk of my income since I’m not teaching classes in person. So I am in two minds about ads. Actually, I do know that I’d prefer not to have them. It’s so annoying visiting a blog or website and it’s one pop-up ad after the other, some of them videos that are plastered right on top of the content you are trying to access.

It feels a bit awkward, perhaps even crude, but I will ask it nonetheless: if you find my tutorials, or my other witterings useful or entertaining, maybe you would consider supporting an ad free blog with a virtual cuppa? You can do so over on my Ko-fi page. I would be very grateful for your support. And you would also get access to various embroidery patterns. :-)

Thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot that you are here! xx Carina


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