Thread Doodling in The Wild!

In all the excitement of Thread Doodling hitting the shelves last week I completely forgot (but how?!) to shout it out from the roof top of this here blog! Thread Doodling is out! In bookshops! I’m so happy! :-)

The embroidery in the picture above is one of my favourites. Have I shared it before? I used a map of Columbus Circle in Manhattan as my ‘pattern’ and then I just started stitching. I had decided on the stitches and colours but you never really know if it’s going to work until you actually put it together. Happily it did work! I think so anyway…

I hope the book inspires people to just try stuff and enjoy the process of stitching. I love embroidery. In case you didn’t know. :-D

Thread Doodling is available in bookshops and online. If your bricks’n’mortar bookshop doesn’t have it in stock, they should be able to order it for you.

And in case you want a signed copy, I still have some copies in stock. :-)

Thread Doodling! YAY! Oh and speaking of Thread Doodling in the wold, if you happen to spot it in a shop, I’d love to see a picture! :-)


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