Alphabet Daily Project

When I finished the 100 Day Project, I dove straight into a new daily stitching project: Alphabet Monogram Sampler. I did do a monogram-ish pattern a few years ago, but I wanted to make something that felt a bit more…uniform.

So this time I am keeping the letters themselves very simple (satin stitch) and adding all the decoration to the circles surrounding each letter. But other than that there’s no plan, I’ll make it up as I go along. Mixing favourite stitches with some I don’t use very often. So it’s both a sampler to try out more stitches and combine them in fun ways.

If you want the template as I’m using it, you can get your hands on it via my Ko-fi page for the price of a hot choc (also gives access to several other patterns/templates). The version I am using has the extra Danish letters in it but there is also an English version with a slightly different layout.

I drew all the letters myself, and I kinda regretted doing that because it took ages to draw them on the computer. I don’t think I’m going to be designing fonts in any kind of hurry!

A full pattern with notes about stitches and colours used will be available once I have finished stitching the sampler. :-)


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