Steps Quilt November

This weekend I caught up with my 2020 Steps quilt. It’s an interesting way to record the year. Or more specifically, how active I’ve been over the year. For example, in that lower right corner there are three blocks in the same print in a row and they show that those three days I barely got off the sofa! But I’ve been resting my leg so it can heal so I think I have a good excuse! :-D

These are the Denyse Schmidt fabrics I have been using in the quilt top. For some of the ranges I had to use more than one print because I would run out otherwise. And it also helps to add more variety to it. The print on the bottom on the right is not a Denyse Schmidt print but a Leah Duncan print. I wanted something different, but not too different, to fill in the gap where there is only 30 days in a month.

I can highly recommend doing a project like this! I have really enjoyed having this slow long term project that is also a record of my life in this crazy year. Any year is worth recording of course but obviously the quilt has an extra ‘layer’ because of how unusual the year has been…

Just one month to go to add to the quilt. I think I will hand quilt it. The quilt top has been a slow project, I think it’s only fitting that finishing the quilt will be too. :-)


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