Friday Links: Pizzs Waffles, Wildlife, Paper Samurai

I went for a walk with my sketchbook this afternoon. Did a couple of sketches of oak trees and this one of the local hospital. It was too windy for watercolours so I just stuffed a handful of Tombow brush pens in my pocket.

I think I needed to get out of the house for a bit! :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

Join me for a mandala pattern stitchalong in February!

List of cognitive biases on Wikipedia.

Worth reading: What I Hear When People Say “I Don’t See Color”.

Winter in Den Wood.

Vegan Pizza Waffles. I don’t have this type of waffle maker but I’m tempted to get one because how yummy does pizza waffles sound?!

Stand in the Gap | A Call To Action.

Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. !!!

Elaborately Armored Samurai Folded From A Single Sheet of Paper. Magic, surely?!


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