February Mandala Stitchalong

Join me for a stitchalong in February!

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t got a single idea. Brain just completely empty. Other times, there are too many ideas and too little time to do them all. I think I’m a season of the latter at the moment.

I woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago with the idea to do some mandala patterns and that idea was swiftly followed by “ooohh, what if it was a stitchalong?!” And why not?! So I’ve been working on some mandala designs which will be released to participants in the stitchalong, four designs through the month of February.

You can sign up here. Once you’ve checked out, you will receive a PDF which will give you the link and password to the page where the patterns will be released each Tuesday in February.

Sign up by February 7th and the price will be just £6.00 for the four patterns. Each mandala pattern will be available in two sizes and there will also be a few smaller non-mandala designs throughout the month. Each design will have suggestions for colours and stitches to use. I am stitching the mandalas through February too so there will be no pictures of stitched  mandalas in the patterns, because that won’t exist until I’ve stitched ’em! So there is lots of room to get creative with your stitching, you can disregard my colour suggestions completely. :-D

We’ll post our progress on Instagram so we can all see how all the mandalas turn out. But you don’t have to finish a mandala each week! It’s a no pressure stitchalong! The taking part and maybe finding an hour each week to work on some stitching is the main goal. Maybe we’ll make some new stitchy friends too. :-)

If you are not on Instagram you can always send me an email with a picture of your stitcheries, I love to see other people’s versions of my patterns.

Again, those details: sign up here to get the stitchalong log in information.

It is just £6.00 for four patterns if you sign up by February 7th. After that date it will be £8.00.


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