Friday Links: Waves, Trees, Portraits

I love peonies. My favourite flower. All the more precious because the peony season is so short. And since that often coincides with Tony’s allergies being quite bad, I only buy one single bouquet. And then I spend days just gazing at the beautiful flowers. The marshmallow buds, the explosion of frilly petals of the open flower, even the wilting peonies are beautiful… :-) And of course I take lots of pictures of them and make sketches. Of course. :-D

I’ll go back to enjoying my precious peonies, here are some links for you.

I hope you have a nice weekend. x Carina

Japanese wave motifs, designs & sketches.

Lines and Colorful Geometric Shapes Compose Luciano Cian’s Portraits. Gorgeous!

Pollarding and Coppicing in Art.

How Instagram’s algorithm works, apparently. But here’s a fresh idea: show the content in chronological order! :-)

How to Make a Sketchbook Journal.

A Writer’s Manifesto by Joanne Harris.

Just one word in Gaelic opens a new door.

Cuckoo farewells and a silver solstice. Beautiful writing.

Christo And Jeanne Claude: Monumental Art.



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