Friday Links: Copenhagen, Spaghetti, Libraries

This week I have been working on a photo album for 2020. Last time I made a photo album was for 2010! :-D In my newsletter I wrote a bit more about why it was important to me to make an album for 2020. You can read it here if you like. No need to subscribe or anything, but you are welcome to do that of course. :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. xx Carina

St. Peter’s Basilica Morphs into a Cyberpunk Dreamscape.

Beautiful libraries.

The colour and calm of Copenhagen.

Dear White Parents. {via}

Spicy Tomato and Cream Cheese Spaghetti. I more or less followed this recipe (but veganified). It was nice. Except I used most of a whole chili, seeds and all, and it was just Way Too Spicy. Proceed with caution! :-D

Sugar Skulls on New USPS Stamps. How very cool!!

Why Saying You Want Change is Not Enough.


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