November Stitchalong Week Two

It’s time for the second pattern in the stitchalong! If you have already joined you can download the pattern on the ‘club’ page now. Join the stitchalong here if you haven’t already. November 30th is the last day to sign up and get all four patterns (plus a bunch of extras!) for just £9.00.

I started stitching this pattern yesterday and I am really enjoying it. One thing I very much like about a repeating pattern like this is that I get into a rhythm: the sides of this shape has four stitches, the vertical lines have eight stitches etc etc. I find it very calming, almost meditative. :-)

In this pattern there is plenty of room to add more stitches. I have some ideas already, and I’ve included them in the pattern too. Not completely sure if I’m going to use them yet. Maybe I’ll do all the back stitch first and see what other stitches speak to me…


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