Embroidery Thread Storage

I used to keep all my embroidery threads in plastic bags, sorted by colour. It sometimes got a bit messy, so now I use these acrylic drawers which are usually used for makeup and jewellery. It works really well!

Because they are clear, I can see the colours, but my threads don’t end up in a jumble. Plus they won’t get dusty. And I do like a bit of colour order… :-)

And I really like that the drawers can be pulled out completely so I can put them on the table when I’m picking colours.

I don’t generally wind my thread on card bobbins, life is too short for that! And I don’t like how the threads get a kink in them from the edges of the bobbins.

Some of the drawers are from Muji, but the price of those went up quite a lot at one point, so I have added a few from Wilkinsons that were a lot more affordable. Similar boxes can be found on eBay or Amazon or other places that sell containers of various kinds.

The threads in the drawers are only the colours I use the most, I do have some less used colours which I keep in one of those cantilevered boxes with legs.


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