Mandala Two Finished

This was an absolute delight to stitch! Is it ok to say that about my own pattern? ;-)

I love using back stitch on a repeating pattern like this. Because each section is the same, I only have to figure out how to stitch it once, the rest of them I can just repeat the number and placement of stitches. Maybe that sounds boring? Apparently my brain really like that sort of thing. :-D

I added a couple of other stitches to spice things up a bit, long tail fly stitch and pistil stitch.

I am so so happy with the effect of the colours. It worked out exactly how I had hoped. Although when I started stitching it, it didn’t seem like it was going to work. But it did, especially after I added the pistil and fly stitches, they help ‘blend’ the transition of some of the colours. I am a happy stitcher! :-)

(If you want access to this pattern and the other three in the stitchalong, plus a bunch of extras, for just £9.00 go get it before November 30th!)


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