Friday Links: Cyanotype, Calico, Chocolate Cake

Cheerful crocus from a walk with Blake the other day. Such a beautiful, intense colour. :-)

I hope you have a good weekend. x Carina

earth :: global map of wind, weather and ocean conditions. Feels appropriate today when we’re waiting for Storm Eunice to hit.

Jo van Gogh-Bonger: Creator of Vincent van Gogh.

Spec work is bad.

These stools are rather cool.

Interesting archive of calico patterns. {via}

A state of flow.

What’s your birthday colour? Mine is a nice green. :-)

If you have access to BBC iPlayer, I can recommend the Eye of The Storm, a film about Scottish landscape painter, James Morrison. It’s available until the end of February.

How to Print a ‘Large Print’ Version of any PDF File.

Listen to Episode #26: Canada’s Forgotten Quilts from Haptic and Hue. It’s very moving.

Chocolate Depression Cake.

A Guide To Alternative London Tube Maps.

Street Art Cities.

Farinata – Chickpea and Rosemary Pancake Recipe.

Active travel like walking and cycling is a gendered issue.

How to make linocut prints with two colours or more.

Cyanotypes Center on a Flock of Jackdaws.


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