Day Nine – Stitch Sampler

This is actually Day Four in the project, but I wanted to share the Raised Stitch. A new to me stitch, and quite fun to do. I haven’t got a plan for which stitch I’m doing where, or how I’m going to stitch it. Sometimes I’ll stitch it as it is, some times I’ll stitch it as more of a ‘pattern’. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out! :-)

This is Day Nine, blackwork embroidery (but not in black). I guess blackwork isn’t technically a stitch, but an embroidery type. But it’s my sampler so I can include whatever I want in it! :-D

In case you’re wondering how I did the blackwork so neatly on this type of fabric: I used waste canvas. This is one of my favourite embroidery ‘tools’, it lets you do blackwork or other types of counted stitching on regular fabric which can give you some fun effects. :-)

Only 91 days to go!

P.S. If you want to make your sampler project, you can get my sampler template here for £3 until the end of February.


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