Friday Links: Seed Packets, Darning, Churches

On the evening of May 4th every year, Danes light candles and put them in the windows. This is to commemorate the message on May 4th 1945 that the Nazi Germans in Denmark had surrendered and that Denmark was free after five long years. People burnt their blackout curtains in the streets and lit candles. Finally the dark times were over.

I light candles too, even though I don’t live in Denmark. It is important to remember what happened in the past. On May 4th I usually think about my grandparents and what their experience was like. Especially my farfar (paternal grandfather) who was in an internment camp in Denmark for some time towards the end of the war. Thankfully he was never sent to a camp in Germany.

If you happen to find yourself in Denmark on May 4th at some point and wonder why lots of people have candles in their windows, well this is why. And it is a beautiful sight. well worth taking an evening stroll for. :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. x Carina

UPPERCASE issue 53: Seed Packets Design Submissions.

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Podcast. Lisa Congdon Sessions: Lisa Olivera on Embracing Our Complete, Flawed Humanity.


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